3 days Intensive

  • 21/04/2023 - 23/04/2023

Belgrade 21.04.2023 – 23.04.2023

We are delighted to invite you to the upcoming Shaktipat Intensive Retreat, a powerful experience that will be hosted in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Shaktipat Intensive offers a unique opportunity to experience the power of in-person Shaktipat transmission. The physical presence of Jan enables a more potent energetic connection, allowing for a closer observation of each participant’s energy and a more personal transmission for maximum impact. This often leads to profound spiritual transformations that can be equivalent to several years of spiritual practice.

During the retreat, Jan will transmit the highly potent Krishna and Devi Shaktipat initiations, which are only given in person. Additionally, a seed or imprint of enlightenment called Shivapat is planted deep within the individual during shaktipat, eventually granting liberation (Mukti)

The upcoming retreat spans three days, commencing on [date] and concluding on [date]. The daily itinerary is as follows:

First session: [time] – [time]
Break: [time] – [time]
Second session: [time] – [time]

The retreat will be held at a serene and easily accessible venue, located near public transportation. The retreat center features a well-equipped kitchen for preparing beverages and light meals/snacks. While participants often choose to share evening meals together, you are welcome to make your own arrangements if preferred.

To minimize accommodation expenses, we encourage attendees to consider sharing an apartment with a small group. If you are interested in this option, please contact us at admin@shaktipat.one, and we will connect you with fellow participants who are also looking to share.

The cost for the entire retreat is 240 euro. Please note that this fee does not include food and accommodation expenses.


11:00 - 19:00 Belgrade

3-day Intensive

Jan Esmann | Shaktipat.one Jan Esmann | Shaktipat.one


  • Time : 11:00 - 12:00 (Europe/Belgrade)
  • Registration Deadline : 23/04/2023

Registration Deadline Expired!!

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