Shaktipat Meditation

  • 09-07-2024 - 09-07-2024

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The weekly Tuesday meditation with Jan is a unique and special opportunity to connect with a spiritual master and experience the power of Shakti. This session provides a safe space for individuals to be completely open and vulnerable, sharing their experiences, challenges, and evolution on the spiritual path.

Jan offers personal guidance even in group settings, providing insight and inspiration to all who attend. Regularly connecting with Jan in this way is essential for consistently experiencing the Shakti and deepening one’s spiritual practice.

The importance of connecting with an enlightened master like Jan cannot be overstated. Exposure to his wisdom, experience, and spiritual practices can help you access deeper levels of consciousness, achieve spiritual realization, and experience inner peace and happiness.

During the session, participants have the opportunity to ask questions and receive further guidance from Jan through a Q&A. In addition, we meditate together, where Jan immerses the group in Shakti. The sessions are conducted in a spontaneous way, and sometimes they can take longer or have a different structure.

Overall, the weekly Tuesday meditation with Jan is a powerful opportunity to connect with a spiritual master, experience the Shakti, and deepen one’s spiritual practice. Regular attendance and connection with Jan is essential for achieving spiritual growth and experiencing the benefits of an enlightened master on the path towards self-realization and enlightenment.


Jan Esmann |

  • Time : 19:30 - 21:30 (Europe/Berlin)
  • Registration Deadline : 27-08-2024 9:30 pm

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