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Shaktipat for Enlightenment

Shaktipat is a sacred spiritual initiation that awakens the Kundalini Shakti energy in an individual, which gradually works towards their liberation and enlightenment.

The Kundalini energy becomes known through the individual’s own experiences, and if the student persists in spiritual practices like meditation, the Kundalini travels upwards from the base of the spinal column and ultimately reaches a state of transcendental consciousness called samadhi.

The benefits of awakening the Kundalini are intensified at more advanced levels and encompass peace, mental control, creativity, understanding of nature, and inner Bliss.

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Jan Esmann

Jan Esmann is an Avadhoot, a spiritual anarchist who does not conform to any spiritual traditions or rules of behaviour. Born in Copenhagen in 1960, Esmann experienced a state of light and love-bliss as a baby, which he later called “the log.” His early youth was fairly average, except that he always had a very deep religious feeling and longing for God.

His first proper meditation was remarkable, and after being initiated into Transcendental Meditation, he experienced extreme ecstasy and was filled with bliss. At the age of 19, Esmann gave up his TM practice and prayed to Krishna instead. He saw an eye in front of him and the center of the eye turned out to be a blue pearl.

Finally at the age of 19, he entered the Blue Pearl and found himself in an infinite Cyan space that was pure awareness and pure bliss at the same time. Here he met the Blue Being in the form of Krishna and they briefly merged.

Shaktipat Experiences


I met Jan at an Indian Shakti Pat retreat. The experience was intense. His Zoom satsangs and Saturday intensives are incredibly powerful. Jan is a rare Shakti Pat master, and receiving Shaktipat from him is a rare blessing.


Jan is an amazing teacher. Attending his intensive was the best decision I made. The third eye Shaktipat was a divine experience, and I've never felt such bliss before. His teachings have helped me improve my practices. I love him and the journey.


Jan's vibration is incredibly high. His aura extends for kilometers. When he gave me Shaktipat, it felt like Kali was in front of me. Overwhelmed with bliss, I danced and laughed uncontrollably and enjoyed alot.


Introduced to Jan by a friend, Jan's Shaktipat was awesome and amazing; a bliss blast, and his intense energy and unconditional love were overwhelming, pointing to our past life connection - I cherish every moment with him.


Introduced by a friend, I've known Jan for years. He spurred devotion in my heart; Shaktipat made me cry and caused spontaneous body movements with vibrating chakras. He's been a guru, and friend who's helped me.


3 Day Intensive All Events
Kristiansands gate 2, 0463 Oslo, Norway

3 days Intensive in OSLO

We are delighted to invite you to the upcoming Shaktipat Intensive Retreat, a powerful experience that will be hosted in

3 Day Intensive All Events
Greifswalder Straße 208, 10405 Berlin

3 days Intensive in BERLIN

We are delighted to invite you to the upcoming Shaktipat Intensive Retreat, a powerful experience that will be hosted in

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Love, Devotion & Surrender