Books by Jan Esmann

The book demystifies Kundalini and Mystical Theology using practical wisdom from Jan’s own experience. The transition from materials to mystical leads to clarity, and detachment from theories and concepts allows for rising awareness. The sacred act of Shaktipat is explained with simplicity, and human dimension spreads from individual to cosmic consciousness. The book is a must-read for seekers looking to understand the path, traveller, and destination.

The Subtle Bodies and the Aura: A short and illustrated..

Man has several subtle bodies that can be seen clairvoyantly as colored light. An etherical body, an astral body, a mental body and a causal body. They radiate out beyond the physical body where they can be seen as a colorful aura. This book has several colored illustrations of various auras. It explains their meaning.

Poems and Ramblings: of a God-intoxicated Yogi

These poems offer unique insights into the heart and soul of an enlightened person. The spirit of the poems is contagious and reading them can give rise to a transmission or awakening of Shakti (spiritual energy). The author is an ardent Mother devotee, which shines forth in every poem

Handbook for Shaktipat Siddha Yoga Initiates

Handbook for Shaktipat Siddhayoga Initiates is a comprehensive guide for those who have received or are curious about the rare Shaktipat initiation. It covers aspects of initiation, spiritual practices, and the guru-student relationship, discussing meditative practices, chakras, and psychological defense mechanisms.

Lovebliss: The Essence of Self-realization

The Essence of Self-realization provides an in-depth explanation of enlightenment and the role of Kundalini, discussing various states of enlightenment and Kriya meditations. The book includes translations and commentaries on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and three tantric classics, as well as the Jan’s personal journey.

Enlightenment 101: From Ignorance to Grace

From Ignorance to Grace debunks 108 common misconceptions about enlightenment, drawing from the Jan’s personal experience as a Shaktipat Siddha yoga spiritual teacher. The book uses clear, simple language to correct misunderstandings about the state of enlightenment.

The Mystical Theology & Enlightenment: A Kundalini..

A Kundalini Romance explores the connection between Kundalini and Christian Mystical Theology, emphasizing the importance of love, devotion, and surrender in spirituality. The book discusses various levels of enlightenment and the role of God in attaining true non-duality.

Kundalini Tantra: Song of Liberation

Song of Liberation details the Tantric path to enlightenment through Kundalini awakening and Shaktipat. The book includes the author’s personal experiences, a new translation and commentary on the Shiva Sutras, and excerpts from Tripura Rahasya, as well as powerful Kriya meditation techniques.

Handbook of Psychological Astrology

Handbook of Psychological Astrology is an extensive guide to modern psychological astrology, offering a systematic interpretation of planets, signs, houses, and aspect patterns. It includes strategies for comparing horoscopes and interpreting their influences, using examples such as President Donald Trump.