Shaktipat & Kundalini

What is Shaktipat?

There are different levels of Shaktipat and to receive Shaktipat for Enlightenment is an extremely rare and sacred occasion. Nowadays, the term Shaktipat is being misused for lower energy transmissions that do not lead to Enlightenment. However, they may give you an elevated state for a brief period of time. Still it should not be confused with realizing the True Self.

There are only a handful of masters in the West, and Jan is one of them, that are able to give this highest form of Shaktipat. After receiving this sacred spiritual initiation from Jan, the awakening of the Divine energy (Kundalinī Shakti), residing in you in a dormant state, begins gradually to work for your Liberation and Enlightenment. It is the awakening of your Awareness of your True Self, that ultimately leads to oneness with the Self and Liberation.

What happens when Kundalini is awakened through Shaktipat?

Awakening the Kundalini will gradually work towards Liberation and Enlightenment if you diligently follow the instructions given by Jan and meditate as prescribed. The student may experience flashes of light, internal sounds, spontaneous vibrations or movements of the body, and greater mental peace. However, different individuals will have different experiences.

Once the Kundalini is awakened, the student must persist in spiritual practices like meditation. The Kundalini will travel upward from the base of the spinal column and pierce all the chakras in succession.

Ultimately, the Kundalini reaches the Sahasrara, and the student attains a state of Transcendental Consciousness called Samadhi. The student understands his or her True nature and is Liberated.

Will Kundalini become dormant again?

The Kundalini does not become dormant once awakened through Shaktipat initiation except in some very special circumstances. The Kundalini tries to make its upward passage and keeps the aspirant on the spiritual pathway by providing necessary encouragement and protection. But if you don’t encourage this process through daily meditation it may become passive until you resume your Sadhana again.

Benefits of Shaktipat Siddha Yoga

Kundalini awakening starts purifing your physical, emotional and mental bodies, which is necessary for upholding higher states of Consciousness. Ultimately, when your nervous system is purified enough, it results in permanent Oneness with the Self, which is Love and Bliss. The aspirant then is an embodiment of the Absolute Self.

The Kundalini process enhances mental control, creativity, and physical and mental well-being. Ultimately, the Kundalini leads to the encounter with the Absolute Truth and Oneness with the Self. Apparently, the Kundalini process transforms the central nervous system, so it can uphold higher states of Consciousness. This may result in various experiences full of Bliss and Love, until one happy day the aspirant is taking over by the Divine Grace, the Absolute Self.

Shaktipat awakens the Kundalini, leading to positive effects that purify the body and mind and deepen the understanding of the Self. Shaktipat Siddha Yoga enhances mental control, creativity, and physical and mental well-being. Ultimately, the Kundalini leads to the encounter with the absolute truth and knowledge of the Self.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a contraction of the pure Shakti of the Self that exists within every human being. It is located about an inch above the root chakra (Mooladhara chakra) just above the perineum, and can exist in three states – dormant, aroused, and awakened.

When Kundalini is dormant, the aspirant’s spiritual understanding is limited and he or she perceives and interprets things from a mundane and selfish perspective. When the Kundalini is aroused like through Kundalini Yoga, it gives a temporary state of spiritual insight and energy. However, the only way to achieve a stable transformation of Consciousness is to awaken Kundalini through the Grace of Shaktipat.

Kundalini & Self-Realization

It is possible to reach Self-realization without awakening Kundalini, but that state is Void and lacks the Divine Love-Bliss that comes with Kundalini. The aspirant can speed up his or her spiritual progress through surrendering to both Pure Being (Void) and Shakti (Kundalini), in order to reach Enlightenment.

Kundalini Awakening

In order for Kundalini to rise within the spine, it needs to be activated. This is best done through Shaktipat for Enlightenment. As Kundalini progresses upwards, various experiences and states will emerge. The Shakti may partially or fully rise from the lowest chakra and become very active in the spine and body. If it reaches the heart chakra, Divine Love will be experienced. Merging with the Divine Love is the goal of Shaktipat Siddha Yoga.

However, True Love-Bliss will only come when Kundalini energy enters the brain and Shakti merges with Pure Being. If kundalini rises fully or partially to the throat chakra, or above, Blissful Samadhi will be experienced.
When the entire Shakti leaves the lowest chakra and enters the spine, it feels like a snake entering the spinal column and will be accompanied by a state of intense Bliss.

Shaktipat in Absentia is a sacred initation which is done by receiving a blessed item if you’re not able to attend a 3-day intensive in person.
Jan is offering Shaktipat in Absentia and you can order it per mail. You will receive a blessed Rudraksha Mala necklace that has been charged and blessed by Jan. Besides, you will also receive a USB stick with guided meditations and instructions from Jan. It is required that you wear the mala during meditation, but not during the day for the first ten days. It is important that you do not allow others to touch the mala.

In order to receive the full benefit of Shaktipat, you must commit to meditate twice daily for a duration of 50 minutes per session, using the guided meditations provided on the USB. Please note that other meditation methods will not be sufficient, and if you currently have a different meditation practice, you must be willing to give it up, in order to fully benefit from Shaktipat in Absentia.
If you so choose, it is possible to establish a guru-disciple relationship with Jan, provided that Jan also consents. It is not required that you perform Puja (worship) in front of a picture of Jan before receiving the Shaktipat. When you are ready to meditate, simply remove the mala from its envelope and wear it while playing the Kundalini Kriya Meditation from the USB for 50 minutes. It is important not to touch the mala in the envelope before you are ready to meditate.

Upon receiving the envelope, it is recommended that you meditate as soon as possible, but only when you are well-rested and alert so that you do not fall asleep during your practice.

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Through video contact with Jan in Samadhi it is possible to experience the Divine Grace that can fill you with Love and Bliss. It is obviously not as powerful as when receiving it in person. But many do report their Kundalini awakens from watching video recordings; they feel heat at the base of the spine and other energetic sensations in the body, like heat in the spine, in the hands and feet, and so on.

In the video below Jan gives Shaktipat for 20 minutes. Relax and look into Jan’s eyes. After a while you may be inclined to close the eyes, which is fine.

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