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The Mystical Theology and Enlightenment: A Kundalini Romance (audiobook)

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The book is divided into two parts.

1, Kundalini in detail.

2. The classic Christian Mystical Theology interpreted from my experiences with kundalini and my state of full enlightenment (Sahaja samadhi). The chapters of this part are texts inspired by individual classic mystics, pre-reformation.

Finally there are instructions on how to meditate.

It is a very devotional book. It makes the need for love, devotion and surrender in spirituality very clear and inspires such in the listener. It shows the importance of God in spirituality. This book is much needed in our time of dry non-duality. It fills a hole in contemporary spirituality.

The book explains various levels of enlightenment and discusses the part love of God plays in these. Love, devotion and surrender are seen as essentials to find God and even go beyond concepts of God to merge God and the Absolute Self into One supreme Being, which is the true, blissful Self. This is real non-duality.

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